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At the foot of the Albères mountains (1157m) just at the place where the Pyrenees plunge down to the sea, the village of Argelès-sur-Mer perfectly combines art of living, green tourism and pleasures of the beach.   


A typical village, a brightly coloured environment with a Catalan accent, its maze of narrow streets, its church and crenelated belltower (14th C.), its ramparts made of ‘cayroux’, its traditional market, its handicrafts, its festivals,…

Texts first mentioned the town in the 9th century, the fortified town was connected with the kings of Aragon and Majorca in the 13th and 14th centuries, the village became a French territory in 1659. 


The marina with its squares, shops, restaurants and entertainment events. You will enjoy mooring your boat a few miles from Cap Béar during your holiday at the heart of the Catalan region. All the secrets of Port Argelès will make this port of call a memorable one. The setting is unique at the foot of the Pyrenees, amid vineyards and sun-scorched villages. 


The 7km wide, sandy beach, clear waters, and the Albères Mountains dominating the beach. The 12ha pine forest on the seafront and the 3km promenade planted with trees offer great walking opportunities. To the south, in the direction of Collioure, a small paradise – Le Racou (“corner” in Catalan)… 

In the autumn and springtime, the beach has plenty of appeal with the sun always present! The light is softer, the beach less packed, and the leisure activities offered by beach clubs more accessible. The delightful rocky coves of Portells and Ouille, serving as a link with the Rocky Coast, offer peace and tranquillity…


Argelès-sur-Mer is the administrative centre of a district gathering 8 villages or towns. These villages and towns have gathered to enable you to discover a great number of itineraries based on the themes of culture, leisure and sports (35 sites, and walking, mountain-biking, horse-riding… tours). You will be offered excursions: explore these delightful villages with their Romanesque chapels and ancient know-how.  

Tourist Area
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